Art By Karen Tarlton

Karen's Fine Art


"Birch Tree Glow"

Karen’s oil paintings express appreciation for the beauty of nature with an intimate simple elegance that conveys emotion, gentleness and strength.  She is a versatile painter whose specializes in impressionism.  Karen creates mood with light, color, and composition.  Many of her oil paintings have a sculptural, three dimensional quality.    

Karen's works are highly collectible and hang in galleries and homes throughout the United States and Europe. Recognized and acclaimed worldwide, her work is currently on display at Gallerie Severn in Metairie, Louisiana and Tupelo Honey Cafe, Arlington, Virginia.  In addition, she was honored with the cover of the December 2014 & 2016 issues of Pink Magazine, the 2016 cover of Sasee Magazine, and  has been featured in multiple others including Art Galleries & Artists of the South, and she was honored as an EMERGING ARTIST by Art Business News Magazine in September 09. 

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 Arlington Arts Gallery and Stonehenge Gallery 

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